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Specializing in Septic, Sewer and Tractor Services

Septic Services in SW Washington

Caseday Services, LLC is the local expert in everything Septic. If you received a post card from the county stating you need your septic tank inspected, you are selling your house and want an inspection, or you just want to get your septic tank inspected for your own peace of mind, give Justin a call.

Our Septic Servicese:

  • Septic inspections
  • Sewer scopes / video inspections
  • Hydro jetting / line cleaning
  • Tractor work / Property cleanup


Need professional septic services? Contact Us and we’ll get back to you! Or call us today at (360) 931-0859

Septic System Services

Sewer Services

Tractor Services

Septic Pumping Services

Why have your septic tank inspected?

Inspection of your septic system components can prevent damage to soil and water around your home. It may also extend the useful life of your system when failures are caught early and repaired. Without periodic inspections, your system could backup and result in a septic tank failure. The cost to replace a residential septic treatment system could range between $7,000 and $15,000. Also, within Clark County, an inspection is required by local mandates.

Septic inspection, locating, repair, alarm response

I am Clark County Health Dept. certified, O&M I & II Specialist septic inspector, and proprietary systems certified.

Septic inspections are $105. This includes filing the report with the county and digging up to 1 foot. Anything over this is charged at $25 per foot (most tanks are only about 1 foot deep).
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Septic systems include

  • Standard gravity
  • Pump to gravity
  • Pressure distribution
  • Sand filter
  • Sand mound
  • Alternative/ proprietary/ aerobic/ ATU systems